We cover the whole production process, from conceptualisation to recording to post-production. Our rates include access to all our studio equipment and instruments at no additional cost. An indicative list of prices is as follows:

Base Production Rates (recording, mixing and mastering) – $60/h


Acoustic Package A – $500 

Our acoustic song package is most suitable for buskers or small groups that are looking to professionally record their work, whether to build their showreel or internet presence. The recording process typically includes up to 5 hours of studio time and another 5 in post-production, and includes 3 revisions. We also provide tailored video services for performers who are looking to upload videos of their recording on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook or YouTube.  

Acoustic Package B – $700

For aspiring singers and performers who are keen to record their singing but need help with the music arrangement and accompaniment, this package includes everything in Package A, plus a recorded arrangement with one instrument (acoustic guitar or piano) tailored to your liking. We also provide video services to help you mark special occasions such as an anniversary or wedding.

Band/Group Recordings – From $800

Our rates for band recordings vary based on the complexity of the arrangement. Do get in touch for a detailed quote.

Catch a glimpse of how the final product will be like on our Showreel!

Studio Equipment



  • Korg Kronos X

Acoustic Guitar Amplifiers

  • AER Compact 60/3 and 60/4
Electric Guitar Amplifiers
  • Friedman JJ Junior Jerry Cantrell Signature with Matching 1×12″ Cabinet 
  • Blackstar Series One 100 with Hughes & Kettner Cabinet (Celestion V30s)

Bass Amplifiers

  • TC Electronic BAM200 Head and 2×8″ Cabinet

Digital Effects Processors

  • Line 6 Helix and Powercab 112+
  • Kemper Stage Profiler


  • ATV EXS-5 with DW3000 Double Pedal


  • Yamaha StagePas 600BT

Control Room Equipment


Audio Interface

Audient ID22 with ASP800 Multichannel Preamplifier

Headphone Amplifier Mackie HM-800 8-channel Headphone Amplifier
 Studio Monitors: Yamaha MSP5 Studio (1 pair) Yamaha HS7W (1 pair)


Cubase Pro 10.5
 VST/Plugins Native Instruments Komplete 12 Ultimate Collector’s Edition, RX7Line 6 Helix Native 
Other Software: DaVinci Resolve




Microphone Locker

Neumann TLM103
Neumann KM184 x 2
AKG 414XLS x 2
AKG 420
Lewitt Pure 420
Lewitt Pure 220
Shure SM57
Shure SM58a Beta
Seinheisser e865 S x 2
Blue Encore 100
Blue Encore 100i
Blue Encore 200
Audio Technica AT2020


Vocal Booth

WhisperRoom MDL 4260 S x 2

The WhisperRooms are acoustically treated booths and can be used for vocal recordings, podcasts, voiceover, broadcast and practice. Rates start from $20/hour. Do get in touch so we can better assist you with your next project!